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Image of Carlos AndresCarlos Andres

Managing Editor & Chief Analyst

I grew up in a commercial real estate oriented entrepreneurial household.  I’ve spent the bulk of my adult life in a boutique consulting setting providing a variety of niche financial services to businesses across a broad range of industries.

A sampling of these services included managing business and real estate acquisitions, transactional due diligence and financial underwriting, business valuations, strategic planning, financial modeling, problem solving and turnaround work.

In terms of education, I studied international economics and suffer from a lifelong interest in classical economics and monetary history, something I hope you won’t hold against me.

Over 15 years ago, I took note of shifting global demographics and related trade and capital flows, along with increasingly aggressive Keynesian style monetary policy around the world.  I concluded, along with many other attentive observers that commodities would be the beneficiary.

I began devoting my time to understanding selected commodity markets, especially gold, and investing accordingly.  This proved more accurate than many of us could have imagined at the time as commodities have led the investment pack over the last 12 years.

Just over 3 years ago, I began publishing the Frontier Research Report to share my investing journey with like-minded investors.  FRR is an investment newsletter focused on identifying the cream of the crop in the high-risk high-reward universe of publicly traded junior resource exploration companies.

The juniors have an important wealth building role to play in the speculative component of an investors gold portfolio.  FRR was conceived to provide insight and guidance in this little known and poorly understood market segment.

Of course a well-rounded gold portfolio also means exposure to well-researched and promising gold producers.  They generally carry much less risk than their junior brethren, often pay dividends, and yet still provide significant leverage to a rising gold price.

Therefore, several months ago we began laying the groundwork for the launch of GOLD Miners to provide broader support to investors looking to maintain and build wealth  in the gold mining sector.

I live, travel, research and write from a perch overlooking the ocean in South America these days.  From here, I keep an active eye on economic and geopolitical events around the world and their impact on commodity markets.  When I manage to pry myself away from the keyboard,  I wander about enjoying the scenery and the company of close  friends.