Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is a highly effective way to generate additional income from your website. You can also benefit simply by recommending the Gold Miners premium newsletter to your friends and family.  If you believe that your product or service is complimentary to ours and you feel you can effectively promote our newsletter then we encourage you to join.

Examples of businesses or services that may find our affiliate program profitable  are industry and investment publishers, news outlets, content aggregators, or bloggers.

How to join?

It is easy to become a member of the Gold Miners Affiliate Program.  Simply drop us a note at the email address below describing your site, business or opportunity and provide your name and contact details.  We will get back to you promptly to discuss the opportunity.

Admin Email Address

Once you’ve been approved, we will determine your commission rate and provide you with a link to set-up your affiliate account with us.  This process will provide you with a username and password to the affiliate system where you will have access to affiliate links embedded with your unique affiliate ID number and where you will be able to track your affiliate sales.

When someone clicks on your link to and purchases a premium subscription to our newsletter within 30 days, their subscription will then be linked to you as their affiliate, and you will generate an affiliate commission.