Note From the Editor

September 2013

Hello and welcome,

As you are likely well aware, Gold has risen dramatically since early 2001.  Starting from a bottom in the neighborhood of $256 an ounce, it has relentlessly charged higher to its current level.  This represents a return of over 440%.

In the process, Gold has outperformed most asset classes by a very large margin, including the DOW, S&P 500 and CRB commodities index.

This remains true despite 1st Half weakness in the gold price and strength in the major U.S. stock markets.  Although the DOW achieved a couple of all-time highs recently, it should be remembered that it is only up 30% from its 2000 highs.

It is our conviction that the fundamentals which have powered the bull market in gold over the last 12 years remain powerfully intact.  In fact, we believe that demand growth and supply constraints are more intense today than they were when the bull began.

With some ups and downs, this persistent imbalance between supply and demand will fuel a continued rise in the price of Gold for years to come.  In the pages of our Premium Newsletter, as well as our Free 4 Part Series, you will find expert explanations as to why.

Because of this, we believe that the current environment represents a rare window of opportunity to buy the world’s premier gold mining assets on the cheap.  This sets the stage for significant returns as the gold price rebounds.

To be clear, it is not our argument that intelligent investors should be 100% invested in gold or gold stocks…or anything close to it!  Instead, our argument is that discerning investors should include this critical sector as a component of their portfolios, and ignore the sector at their peril.

Those who are interested in building and preserving wealth should have some wisely planned exposure to gold and the stocks of carefully selected gold mining companies.

GOLD Miners was developed to help sober-minded investors, who are managing their own portfolios, to achieve exactly that.  The newsletter outlines the things to consider in determining the level of exposure that is right for you along with how to accumulate shares of quality undervalued miners.

Although the newsletter is published by a professional, GOLD Miners is written with investors in mind, some of whom may have little or no knowledge about the gold sector.  Accordingly, the monthly publication was designed to be clear, insightful, and engaging.

In an effort to continually improve on this front, we welcome and strongly encourage feedback from our loyal subscribers.

The monthly newsletter revolves around four key and overlapping themes of gold mining investment, to provide subscribers with a well-rounded understanding of the sector.

The first consists of our proprietary Rating System.  It will be presented as a table in each monthly issue and will provide a rating of selected large to mid-cap producers based on carefully researched criteria.

The remaining three components will explore what is going on in the gold sector and how it works.  These themes are:

  • The Market for Gold – In which we explore the important supply and demand factors that will ultimately drive the price of the yellow metal.
  • The Gold Mining Industry – In which we explore various topics related to the state of the industry, mining operations and the issues they face.
  • The Markets for Gold Stocks – In which we explore the state of capital markets and the value that gold mining shares represent at current prices.

The research and commentary presented in each issue are designed to provide a deeper market perspective and context in which to consider our company ratings and your investment choices.

If you have read this far, we thank you for your time and consideration.  As a token of our appreciation, we invite you to put a GOLD Miners Premium Subscription to work for your portfolio on a 60 day trial basis.

Subscribe now and receive an annual subscription, consisting of 12 Monthly Issues, for US$87, a 30% Discount to our regular market price.  This comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with your subscription, within 60 Days you can request a full and unconditional Refund.


Although nothing is entirely risk free, and you should be wary of anyone who says otherwise, our intention in making this offer is to remove most of the risk associated with subscribing to GOLD Miners.

As a final inducement, consider that just an 8.7% return on a $1,000 investment in one of the companies that rates high on our list will pay for your subscription.  Keep in mind that many producers today are paying healthy dividends.

To put this in context, in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 and the collapse of stock markets (which included the miners), the stocks of un-hedged major gold producers staged a 290% performance over the course of 3 years between late 2008 and late 2011.

This represents a $2,900 gain on an investment of $1,000 over that time period.  Many of the individual stocks did much better.  We think you will agree that this type of gain would more than pay for the price of admission.

Please consider whether your portfolio should have some exposure to this kind of potential.

Highest regards, Carlos Andres Signature Carlos Andres
Managing Editor & Chief Analyst

P.S. As one very temporary added incentive, if you signup now I’ll lock in the 30% discounted price of $87 for as long as you remain an active subscriber.  You’ll never pay an annual increase.  However, my business partners won’t support this offer for long so take advantage now.  Just send me an email after you subscribe to a Premium Subscription with your name and mention the guarantee and it’s done:

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